New Technology : New Challenges

New Technology : New Challenges

During the 1900’s a new revolution in technology began which started with the ENIAC computing system started in 1943 and was built by John Mauchly and J.Presper but the actual first computer was the Z1 made by Germans in 1936-1938 which was an electromagnetic binary programmable computer made by Konrad Zuse in his parents living room.

Over the years as technology, advanced hackers and cybercrime rose as the very first hack was in 1878 when the company Bell Telephone started but the very first computer hackers came in the 1960s. The very first hacker was Kevin Mitnick. 

Afterward, the first biggest hack took place in 1994 and is called Phonemasters.

In 1999 Jonathan James hacked NASA to intercept data from the DTRA as he had access to over 3000 messages, usernames, and passwords of those DTRA employees Jonathan was only 15 years old and that caused a 21-day shutdown of their computers. A person named Max Butler was arrested and accused of operating Carders Market where cybercriminals bought and sold sensitive data in 2007, he served 13 years in prison.

Nowadays these cybercrimes have gotten worse for people who do not know what cybercrime is. It is where people use computers to commit crimes for example fraud or violating privacy. There are many types of cybercrimes with the top cybercrime being phishing where people send an eye-catching link which can attract the attention of the sketchy email from where the user clicks the link and then the hackers have now access to the user’s computer which then they can exploit for their own purposes. Certain cyber-attacks can be made for example on 15 February 2022 a large DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) was made in Ukraine which brought down the websites of the defence ministry and its 2 largest banks which for the day affected ATMs and mobile apps and from the news 3 days ago Russian hackers tried to destroy computers at a Ukrainian energy company using a wiper (a malware which is designed to destroy targeted information).

During May,2021 and February this year, a Chinese state-sponsored hacking company hacked at least the computer network of 6 U.S state governments. In 2021 the UK faced over 400,000 reports of fraud and cybercrime.

These crimes and attacks can be prevented by limiting the amount of information you share or the strength of your passwords, encrypting data, or backing up data.

There is a type of hacking named Brute-force attack which lets a hacker submit many passwords till eventually guesses the right one. And there is then SQL injection which is a code injection used to attack data-driven applications. This can cost millions of dollars a year that exceeds $196,000.

In conclusion, cyber-attacks and crimes can be prevented using various techniques like passwords or restrictions which can benefit the user by limiting their chances of getting hacked, with the help of simple code can steal your data which can then be exploited by the hacker. Many attacks are so dangerous that countries use them to gain advantages in war or can be used to steal highly important and classified information

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