My Dream Vacation!

Our world is a very beautiful and interesting place. Pakistan, in fact, is a very beautiful country with many alluring sights. A country with lush mountains, fierce deserts, refreshing rivers and places which are sites of nature. Recently, I went to a place which, for many people is heaven on land or more commonly known as Naran Kaghan. My journey started at 6 am and it started with a jolt. We passed small towns like Balakot and Haripur. I had never heard of these before but I was astonished to see how people spent their lives in such difficult conditions and it was very inspiring for me as it taught me that technology isn’t the only thing that makes you happy but nature is something that truly makes your soul happy. When we reached Kaghan Naran, we were super hungry so we decided to eat . On the way we stopped at a river which refreshed us so much that we forgot about our hunger. The next day, we hired a professional driver who drove the jeep because the journey was very dangerous. First we went to Saif ul Malook lake . It was the most astonishing sight I had ever seen. Many people say that the lake is believed to serve as a home for fairies. We went on a boat and rode horses there. It was awesome. Next, we went to a spot known as Lalazaar. The road was extremely dangerous, it felt like my heart was going to burst but they say that dangerous journeys lead to beautiful destinations, and I say this is true because that spot made my whole year. It was so hypnotizing that it made my organs dance. I think words aren’t enough to express how beautiful it was. We ate lunch there and came back. On our way back,  we stopped at a fallen glacier which was very refreshing.  The next day, we had to return but I can say that this trip made me a lot happier, grateful and experienced. I think that nature is so unpredictable that you can never expect what you’ll see next.

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