35 Years of Success

35 Years of Success

On the day of 35th anniversary of our beloved school, I Aiman Imran from Grade 6 (H-11 campus) would like to pay a tribute to millennial education
Our School
Nurturing, inspiring, achieving success ,
Working together we strive for the best ,
35 years have passed and we still are doing well,
And yet we still cannot wait for the end of day bell !

1988, the year of our school,
We stil love our learning , the lessons are cool,
The teachers motivate us , driving us to succeed , we work
Hard together, we always achieve

We thank God for our school, without it we’d fall,
With our education, all of us can sail,
To a life of prosperity, Thanks to Millennium education,
Nurturing, inspiring, achieving success
Happy anniversary to Roots Millennium

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