My Secret Talent

My Secret Talent

Since the beginning of time, I have been completely fascinated and absorbed in music, which eventually formed into a strong, lively passion for singing. In fact, my mother says I “came out singing”, in her irritatingly sarcastic way of commenting on my aggressive and very “loud” entrance into the world.

As both my voice and character have matured. My mom encouraged me so much that you have to leave the world behind and their tantrums and always follow your dreams! I myself had a problem where I speak unclearly but my parents never made me feel such way… I really love singing because I think it’s just not an art but it is mean of expressing someone’s emotions.

Today I’m just a typical girl but with all my efforts I may be seen as a star in the future. There may be obstacles standing in my way but I hope, I can go through them smoothly and succeed in reaching my dreams of being a singer. I am doing everything I can to achieve my dreams but staying humble.

My voice is God given so I must share it with everyone instead of keeping it to myself. I am in supplication to our Creator for my angelic voice. To end this all I have to say is that you should believe in yourself.

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