Truck Art Competition Held in TME

Truck Art Competition Held in TME

The truck art competition was our first project this year. We surely were nervous but then we knew that to reach up to the standards we will have to work hard and be confident. Well, the first step was to decorate the board and give some information about the competition so Humaira (President), Ramsha Tariq (President), and Ramsha Ahmed (Vice President) stepped right on to it and completed this task.

The picture on right is of the board that we decorated. On it, we tried to give a traditional look at the trucks that are found in Pakistan. We used fake feathers of peacock and we also made truck art drawings because it was a project of ‘arts and craft society’.

On the top right, we pasted a poster which was made by using digital Arts (second picture). After finishing this, we went to different classes to inform students about this competition and so that they would register and be a part of this project.

The Truck Art Competition

On the day of the competition, we had about 30 registrations and we bought supplies for about 60 students because just in case. The competition was being held on a rooftop which we think was the best location as the weather that day was really good and who doesn’t like to do arts while sitting in chill windy weather with some slow music.

Before the competition started we took a table and placed all our supplies on it so that we would be prepared the supplies included 60 canvases, 6 boxes of paints and in each box, there were 10 small bottles of paint, 60 paintbrushes, cups, and plates as palettes and we decided this all with the help of Ma’am Sana and she ordered these supplies for us. We were a little confused about the number of supplies needed but then a little discussion made it all clear.

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Around 10 am the competition started and a lot of students from junior level (g1-g3) started coming and we had to act fast as we didn’t want any disruption to occur. To overcome this situation Ramsha Tariq handled the registrations while Ramsha Ahmed and Humaira Salman handled the supplies, basically, we had to give each student a canvas with their name written on the back, a paintbrush and a palette.

It was a little tough but we managed it. After some time, a lot of people got attracted to the setup and they also decided to register which basically was a great thing for us and we indeed were happy. By 11 am all 60 students registered and then we had to close the registrations.

By 12 pm we started wrapping up as a lot of participants were done with their paintings by then. They submitted their canvases on the table so that they could be dried. After that, we cleaned up the place and submitted those paintings to the Administration office. Overall, we were happy with our achievement as many people appreciated us.

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