Mock Trial Organized by The Millennium Education

Mock Trial Organized by The Millennium Education

After the Law Society was formed, our immediate goal was to organize a mock trial with a case that we came up with ourselves. In order to create a more immersive environment, we decided to collaborate with TMUC and hold this mock trial in their courtroom.

We organized a group of students who were interested and volunteered to play different roles, namely, a bailiff, a few witnesses, a 12-person jury, 4 lawyers in total, along with the victims and perpetrators of the case.

Traveling to the H-11 TMUC campus by van, following SOPs and everyone taking part gathered in the courtroom. The judge for this case was TMUC alumni and practicing lawyer, Masham.

Mock Trial in Court Room

After the bailiff – who is the VP, introduced the lawyers and officially started the trial, opening statements were delivered by both the prosecution and the defense. I, being a prosecution lawyer along with my Co-President, made the opening statement, after which witnesses were introduced and then brought to the front to make their statements.

Each witness was also cross-examined and questioned by the lawyers. The prosecution presented physical evidence as well to the Judge, and after both sides made their claims and presented relevant evidence and witness statements to support it, each side finally summed it all up in our closing statements directed to the jury.

mock trial

We then left the room for a few minutes for the jury to comfortably come to a decision. Afterward, the judge called us back in and presented the decision for each claim made by the prosecution as well as the relevant punishments for them.

Real-Life Simulation of the Trial

The main purpose of holding this mock trial was to encapsulate the experience of being inside a courtroom and taking part in a real-life simulation of a trial. Students in the law society interested in pursuing law, especially those who wish to become practicing lawyers, greatly benefitted from this experience.

As the judge was also a practicing lawyer, he provided much knowledge about the judicial system, legal processes, and courtroom procedures that one needs to follow and helped us in organizing our arguments, improving our critical thinking and debating skills. The purpose was thus achieved and students taking part, especially the acting lawyers like me, learned much from this experience.

After the situation has stabilized and educational institutions open again, we have planned to organize more such activities, including a mock trial, this time against students of another college.

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