Twenty Years from Now

Twenty Years from Now

Twenty years from now the year would be 2040 and most things would have completely changed.

One example of this prediction is the fact that a few years ago technology was not all that advanced, it was hard and expensive to deliver a message to a loved one or just someone in general, but now with the invention of cell phones numerous things were made easy to do including conveying short or long messages easily with the use of high technology. Another huge invention related to technology is the Internet. The Internet is one of the most important inventions of technology so far as its various websites made it easy for us to do our daily work. It also brought us tons of entertainment sources with it such as video streaming websites like YouTube, tons of online and offline games, and so much more. Using these websites and games is ideal to kill time when we get bored. We can take from this that in the future technology will keep on evolving and will become something extremely useful to us or might even be our downfall.

Another thing to consider is that situations will either become easier to handle or harder to handle depending on the choices made by us today, especially in the present scenario. If we handle the current pandemic smartly, less damage will be done and most people will stay healthy, but if we are careless, the situation will end on an unpleasant note.

Apart from the change in technology, there are many other things that might change over a great gap of time; we’ll take the land around us as an example. A few years from now, taking the

present into consideration, we might not have as many trees due to extensive deforestation. Since so many trees (approximately three to seven billion trees each year) are cut down, it might badly influence the atmosphere of the Earth. This topic also ties in with another well-known topic of “climate change”. Climate change is also a big deal since it can change the environment completely if not stopped. It has similar results to those of pollution but more extreme; it causes global temperature rise which can have disastrous impacts on the climates of different places around the world but if people stop certain habits and take serious actions, we might be able to stop it before it causes irreversible damage.

Since no one can really predict the future, we can only base things off the facts we have right now in the present. If we handle the scenarios given to us in the right way, we will probably have a better future than if we mess up and do the wrong thing, it might be hard to form a good future from there onwards. Finally, we should all hope for a better future and only good for others.

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