How can a person overcome fear?

How can a person overcome fear?

“One of the greatest discoveries a man makes, one of his greatest surprises, is to find he can do what he was afraid he couldn’t do” -Henry Ford

Fear is one’s great foe, and takes over his life, obstructing him to achieve his goal. Overcoming this fear can be very challenging, but once conquered, very liberating. Fear is an emotion, which someone shows to express a petrifying part of his life. If fear is becoming a hindrance to someone, who wants to become something, it needs to be terminated. Fear actually comes from experience and knowledge, not naturally. No person in the world is born with a fear, such as toddlers or infants, who are introduced to new things and make out a fear by themselves.

The first thing you should do to overcome fear is to accept the reality, and acknowledge the fear. Someone who denies fear cannot succeed in overcoming it. You should analyze the fear, to see where it comes from and then imagine the worst that can happen to you. Then he would determine, that the fear isn’t as petrifying as he thought, as he would know the way to overcome it. Then face it. If you are scared of bungee jumping, then try to go bungee jumping. This would reduce the fright of your fear.

Abraham Lincoln, the 16th United States president had a stage fright, and would refuse to talk on news channels. He overcame his fear by facing it, and was successful in doing so. If a personality this great was able to overcome a fear, then overcoming a fear is feasible for every person to do so.

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