Friends are the Family we CHOOSE for OURSELVES!

Friends are the Family we CHOOSE for OURSELVES!

Firstly, we should look at what are friends. They are the people who are there to help us in the hardest of the time. They are the people who make our lives easier and fun. Without their moral support we would be nothing more than a person who just passes his life.

Everyone has a friend who doesn’t stop talking and that is the one we need on trips. Trips are all about making beautiful memories and chilling with friends all day long. The reason friends should be there on trips is that so we can have fun and make memories which we wouldn’t be able to make alone. Traveling with friends is like the best thing that can happen with you and all that can’t be explained in words. From trips, friendships get stronger as you spend a whole day with someone. You can explore a place that you would’ve never explored before or in such a way that you couldn’t before. I especially enjoy the journey in which we go singing all the way even when we don’t know the lyrics. The benefit is that the students stay in a good mood as this makes the students happier. During trips studying stays off the mind of the students.

These are the reasons why I always like going on trips and I support them a lot.

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