Everything you can Imagine is Real

Everything you can Imagine is Real

I am Leena and I have been asked to imagine about something which is almost impossible. But just in case, if I live on a boat in the middle of an ocean, I will not be afraid of shark attacks that can happen any moment. I will make sharks and dolphins my friends by giving them sweet treats. I will sing for them and ask the people to stay away from them by using loud speakers. At night I will sit on the top of my boat and look at the sky to talk to the moon. I will enjoy the sound of waves and write letters to my friends. In fact, I will also learn the language of the sea creatures.  And I might find good toys in the water.

Bang! Gee Willi kens…  it’s a shark… a big one…

Me: hey shark why are you here and what is in your mouth. Oh no! it is my favorite shirt that you ripped off. Why you have been circling around my boat, what was that for?

Shark: Because you stole my baby?

Me: Oh! You mean, this little guy? I am sorry. I thought that was just a shark trophy.

Shark: It is ok. But please do me a favor and ask all the humans not to cut our fins and leave us to die, just to have a shark-fin soup. When we cannot swim, we starve to death.

Me: I promise that I will never hurt any sea creature and will ask others as well to let you live in peace.

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