It was a lazy morning with blazing sun, and we were lazily perching on our couches, when our uncle announced that we are going to Arabian Club near Steel Town, Karachi. Everyone shouted joyfully and ran to get ready. When all of us were pepped up, we all packed our bags, sat in our Double Cabin, and raced on the road to reach our destination.

We passed through jam packed roads, scrumptious food shops and busy market places. When we veered of the road, we entered Steel Town Karachi.  Steel Town Karachi looked magnificent with greenery and beautiful broad road ways. As we descended of the Steel Town Road, we could see the fabulous Arabian Country Club which was like an oasis in the desert, away from the hustle bustle of the city; it looked peaceful.

Our car stopped at the gate where the valet took the keys to park the cars. When we entered the Arabian Country Club, at the right side there were stairs which went towards the Restaurant, and at the left there was a room in which there were lots of golf kits; I was excited so I told my mother that I would play golf the next day. Our booking was already done. Therefore we went to our rooms passing through the haunted and quiet corridors, where the only voice was of the blowing wind and all I could see was darkness beyond our mildly lit passage. Once we had slipped into our night suits, we ordered Chocolate Mousse ice-cream which is a fine assorted delicacy there, watched some television, and slept.

The morning was pleasant with chirping birds flying high in the blue sky and we all listened to the melodious sound of the birds while walking. Everyone opted for their favourite breakfast meal from the buffet. When we reached the ground, it was colossal with a pitch for cricket. At a distance, there was a Golf course stretching miles. First we played cricket, then we played football and at last when we were bored we played badminton.

Moreover when we had played all these games, it was already evening, the wind was pleasant and we planned to have a stroll in the massive expanse of the club. While walking we reached the horses’ stable, and therefore planned to ride them. We were scared but the instructor helped us ride it. He also made the horse gallop.

As the day ended and it was nearly dusk, we asked our parents to go to shooting range. Though we went there but the instructor did not allow us to shoot as darkness began to prevail.

We wanted to stay there for some more time but obviously it was Monday the other day and we were supposed to go to school. Therefore we left. On our way back home, we had a nice meal on the highway and when the car reached home, our parents took us out of the car and put us in our beds. We had already slept.

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