Unsung Heroes and Silent Sufferers

Unsung Heroes and Silent Sufferers

A war not between two nations or countries but between mankind. Where a woman of a house are given all the respect and security as if someone will even try to lift their eye up on their woman they will chop them. But the same people when go outside they don’t care whose daughter, mother, sister, wife are becoming the targets of rich hungry animals. These people don’t know what the importance of a man’s life is. Human Rights Activists are the unsung heroes who everyday try their best to raise their voice but become the target of those sinners who think that by killing or murdering them their all sins will be vanished. Is this called Humanity? Where the rich spoiled brats crush people sleeping on footpaths or people crossing the road. No one raises voice against them because they are afraid from the power of a MAN who is also created by the same dust. No one has the fear of Allah, what will they say when they will bow their heads in sujood? Allah has the only power to do something good or bad with his mankind. He created us, our death is in his hands then what is this fear about? Thinking that leaving this world for someone with whom you don’t have any relationship? We all have relationship with each other, relationship of humanity, justice and right. The one who dies because of raising their voice against injustice and crime are called MARTYRS and the one who dies by remaining silent are equal to those cowards who leave the battleground before the battle starts. If you witness a sin and stay quiet then congratulations you’ve successfully become the part of that sin. A salute to all those journalists who lost their lives in this war. A salute to all those sufferers who only had one breadwinner in their house but lost him due to some reason that are portrayed as so called accidents.

A wise man said;  

                                “ Zulm Sirf Tab Tak Zinda rehta Jab

awaaz uthane walay apni awaz kisi khaali qabr mae dafna atay.”

 Your destiny is not created by the shoes you wear but by the steps you take. If walking on the road of justice is that easy no one would have lost. Battle against injustice is very difficult because sometimes to win this battle we have to sacrifice our life or lives of our loved ones. Don’t be afraid from the dusty power of rich or cruel people because no one has the right to act like God in the world which is created by him who has the only power to change darkness into light and night into a delightful morning. JazakAllah.


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