Mysterious Creatures:

Mysterious Creatures:

Raise my binocular up to my eyes

Zoom in on a figure, Oh! What a surprise!

So bright and yellow glowing in the dark

It filled me with joy and enlightened my heart

Trying to figure out what it is put me in a world of wonder

“What is it?” I said to myself, with the binoculars taking me closer

“Oh My!” A creature soo rare

A white coat with grey stripes is what it wears

It looks so great and wonderful

A creature so mysterious and beautiful

The frosty cold does not bother it much

It roams around with no fear as such

Striking fear in the hearts of its prey

Waiting to attack and eat in his tray

In the dark of the night he howls to the moon

Waiting for another howl that would reach his ears soon

Is this what I really see or is it my imaginations

Am I dreaming or do I need an explanation?

This is my story and the mysterious creature

That disappeared in the air filling my mind with questions and putting me in a world of wonder

Such a wonderful sight pulls me out of despair


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