Wrenching the door open, I was met with what I can call my biggest fear, my sweaty hands dampened the doorknob to an extent where it was hard to hold my grip over it. My heart pounding against my ribcage, the sound, deafening every other worldly sensation around, making the fear that is coursing through my veins make its presence prominent, more than before. Astonished, I opened my mouth to find nothing coming out, opening it and then closing it again almost imitating a fish, gasping for air.



I stared into his green orbs that were glistening with a darker shade of green, different than his usual emerald green, his defined jaw that was molded to perfection was clenched and a sadistic smirk was playing across his face, as if it’s tauntingly daring me and his fists for hands suspended at the sides of his unyielding figure that was practically engulfing me as he stood across me with his proud stance. Every fiber of his being was petrifying, leaving me shook till my absolute core.

I felt as if my eyes were deceiving me. How could this be possible? It was the only thing I kept on thinking about, lost deep in thought, I didn’t even recognize that his smirk had changed into an expression I knew all too well, he knew what he was doing to me, yet he was finding some sort of pleasure and, fun out of this. As I was trembling, my fear was feeding his sadistic needs, my skin crawled at the mere thought of that. After a while of both of us staring at each other mercilessly, more or less like me staring and him smirking down at my state, I managed to mumble, “Eric”, under my breath but the tangible silence amplified every seeming moment so a mere mumble was easily detectable, his luscious pink lips curled from one side to reveal his signature smirk that mockingly was plastered across his lips, his features screaming his hate for me, which left an odd ringing in my ear.

Resounding it sure was.

It felt like the deities were on a mission to make me feel uncomfortable and miserable by throwing this notorious challenge at me, making the peace I had to be short-lived. Did the world not want me at peace? Was the world so against me, that it couldn’t bear to see me, happy? I had escaped him after he got arrested, but the realization of me never being safe never seemed to leave the corner of my head, one way or another I was never really free, when he wasn’t here the fear of him kept me captive and now that he was here, alive and healthy, he would personally adhere to that task. A small apartment wouldn’t help keep me safe but so far it sort of did give me a sliver of hope that I am, safe.

The cream colored walls splattered with blotches of colorful paint stood proudly, helping to give me some sort of comfort. The wooden floors stretched accompanied by a small wooden table, which was surrounded by two wooden chairs, was laying across the worn out sofa. My room wasn’t heavily decorated either, with a mattress in the center and a small mirror in the corner, to match my height, it gave me comfort and a homely feeling.

Seeing him there made my throat dry up and my blood run cold. My breath hitched and a lump formed in my throat, that wouldn’t leave even upon swallowing multiple times. The hatred and tension, seeming palpable, could be easily cut through using a knife. He held his composure perfectly, unfazed by the tension whatsoever whereas I was a bundle of jumbled up nerves, threatening to spill. He stood tall, his stance as glorious as ever with a taunting look of proudness plastered bravely across his features, his smile made it seem as if he had found a ludicrous outcome of this situation, nonetheless, it didn’t help my tears that were on the brink of my eye lids, due to the nerves, to come cascading down and giving his sinister sadistic cravings exactly what they needed.

What I still couldn’t seem to understand were the infinite hows. How did he find me? How did he get out from jail when there was no one left, except for me, to go and bail him out? These questions didn’t seem to help the situation, it only helped to make them worse and the tears continued to fall as these thoughts continued to flood the surrounding corners of my mind.


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