The New Normal

The New Normal

Are you tired of hearing the trite ‘The New Normal’ yet? Should we even be taking this oft-repeated phrase seriously, or is it, like we often say, just a phase? Let’s take a look at the facts. Over the last few months, we are facing an unprecedented shift in our way of life due to the Corona Virus.

Before the pandemic who would have thought about people elbow-bumping and foot-shaking? White circles outside shops for queuing? A visit to the grocery shop is now an adventure and a trip to a nearby city a dream! The pandemic has drastically changed the way people live, act and work. It is the first time that history has ever seen such sweeping changes. So there we have it then; we do have to let our old normal go before we settle into what seems to be this new normal.

The way we live now is different as masks and gloves wearing are seen on commonplaces, queuing with social distancing is a norm whether we visit a health professional. Getting in a lift or going to a shop, we have become more vigilant for coughs, sneezes, and the like. Hand washing and the use of sanitizers is now a common practice. Now holidays are spent in houses due to international travel restrictions. The sports local and international landscape has also changed and many important events like the Olympics have been postponed and people enjoy just watching the events on TV screens.

The education sector has drastically changed as the universities and schools moved online with a little blending with face-to-face lectures and conferences (we all know how well that went, but that’s for another article). Training and workshops are also conducted online.

The New Normal 2021

There is a significant decrease in international students in universities. The office environment has changed to working from home to minimize traveling and gathering at offices. Zoom, MS Teams, and Skype are our new classrooms and office conference rooms.

We have said goodbye to packed-in crowds, attending music concerts, movies, theater plays, and festivals. A time when parents, elders, friends, and other love ones are vulnerable to the Coronavirus we are staying away to keep them safe, and this is perhaps the biggest challenge that everyone faces.

The families that are living in different countries can’t make international travel due to restrictions and they just have to catch up online. The days are gone when we greet relatives and friends with handshakes, hugs, and kisses; now these changed to elbow bumps, foot-shakes, or waving from social distances. The dining is changed from dine-in to takeaways in restaurants and cafes.

In short, the new normal has reshaped our lives, changed: our social, economic, and work ethics, greetings, everyday etiquette, social life, education, and the business world. Although medical scientists have found some treatments for Corona Virus and vaccine preparation processes in different countries are in different stages.

So, yes, we have to live and adjust to “the new normal” as long as the world has not found the proper cure or an effective and cheaper vaccine for the Corona Virus which every country could inject into the masses

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