You have been selected to be king or queen of your school

You have been selected to be king or queen of your school

Being the king or queen or king of a school or being in charge of anything at all is quite hard. I know that not because I have experience but I know people who have experience and by hearing their stories I have understood that at the start of anything, some ground rules must be put down. Now, you must be thinking what happens if somebody doesn’t obey these rules and for that problem, we are supposed to add punishments.

If I were to make rules for the students at my school, my rules would be quite simple. The first one would be to respect your peers no matter their age, color or religion. This rule could the most important of all of the rules because obeying this rule creates a perfect environment for the students to learn in and the teachers to teach in. this can also help the learners get along well in their classrooms and in their lunch break. The second rule would be no swearing, cursing or any type of verbal abuse toward an employee or a student. This rule is simply to create a peaceful environment in the school so that everything in the school goes smoothly and there is no controversy.

The third rule would be no fighting in the school. Now this rule is necessary because if this rule is not implied daily within schools, problems between students can become physical. The fourth rule would be no back talk towards the teachers. This rule makes sure that students don’t get out of line and disrespect their teacher. The fifth and last rule would be no littering. This is as simple as rules can get but this is also as important as other rules because this will ensure that students take care of their surroundings and they do not let a single plastic shopper destroy their earth.

The punishment that would be the least violent would be to decrease total marks earned at the end of the school year by the number of rules broken. Following these rules are necessary so that the students can easily learn but it is also necessary to implement these rules in our daily lives. In our lives there is no first time for things and no last warning, we get straight to the punishment so we should always obey the rule and hope that we do nothing wrong in the future.

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