Me: The invisible girl!

Me: The invisible girl!

It was a bright and sunny day. I woke up and went to the bathroom. It all seemed pretty normal……until I brushed my teeth. I looked in the mirror and screamed……… I couldn’t see my reflection! At first I was scared. Had I become a vampire? That was very unlikely and I didn’t feel any thirst for blood or have fangs and I didn’t become stone when I saw outside my window. So that could only mean one thing………… I was invisible!

But how? Hey being invisible is a once in a life time opportunity so I thought: who cared? Not me!

It felt wonderful! I quietly sneaked out of my room. It was still a bit early so I crept downstairs to the kitchen. I knew I was never allowed to cook even though I can. But the stove looked so welcoming and warm that I couldn’t resist! I went to the stove and turned it on. Oh how warm! I got out all the things I needed and made a big breakfast of pancakes! As breakfast got ready I thought of something…… when my brother or parents got up they would be worried sick if they didn’t see me so I crept back to my room and set up my pillows to look like me. Then I went back to my steaming hot pancake stack! I turned on Netflix and went back to watching: Boss Baby: Back in Business.

After I had finished I cleaned the dirty dishes and changed my clothes. Nobody could see my clothes (duh!) so changed my clothes. Just then mom woke up! Wow that was early! I quickly turned off the TV. Whew! that was close! My mom went to our room and peeked in, then went to the kitchen. I knew I couldn’t watch any TV, so I headed for our playroom, to my study table so I could catch up with my work. I started working and in an hour I was done.

It was 10:05 and I headed to my room because I knew my little brother would be up watching toontastic weekends on CN (cartoon network). I opened the door slowly so that he wouldn’t get scared and went in. I saw he was trying to wake me up so I said in a groggy voice “don’t annoy me. You watch and I will be up in a few minutes”. He turned the TV on and I sat on the bed ever so quietly and saw TV. It was 11:00. I knew mom was going to come wake me up so as soon as she got near the door I opened the bathroom door and went in. she called me and said to be out and have breakfast. When she left I called through the door saying I wasn’t hungry.

I decided to play some pranks on my family. You know just for fun! When mom wasn’t looking I took her spatula and put in on the microwave. When she tried to take it, it wasn’t there! She searched everywhere but couldn’t find it even though it was right there! I tried to hide my laughter but it came out in a series of giggles! I crept away to find dad. I found him about to sit on the rocking chair so I quickly pulled away the chair and put a pillow under his bum to soften his fall! It was hilarious! I laughed (quietly) so hard! Then I left my poor dad, confused about how it happened. Now it was my little brothers turn, who was playing his ps4, in our room. I quietly went to him and said loudly “ booooooo!”. He got so startled! He jumped up and landed with a thud! Then I quickly went and turned off the TV! He looked around and saw that the power was not out so he went to turn on the TV. It was hilarious! I burst out laughing!

But I suddenly felt sleepy. being invisible is hard and trying work.  I climbed into my blanket, which was laying on my bed (my brother did not care to clean up!) and fell asleep. When I woke up I saw myself in the mirror…. I wasn’t invisible anymore! It was a dream! But what an amazing dream that was!

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