What I know about Stars?

What I know about Stars?

I have loved stars since I was a kid. They always mesmerize me. Each and single one of them. I remember going on the roof top and counting those infinite tiny dots in the night sky. I always thought that they were small bodies, but one day my mother told me that even though they look small they are actually bigger than the Earth. The first lesson I learnt in my kindergarten was that the Sun is a star too!!! It is the nearest star to Earth and that the sun doesn’t move but the Earth moves around it. My favourite of all stars is the Pistol Star. It is believed to be 100 times as big as our Sun. To my surprise every star that I could see in the night sky is bigger and brighter than our Sun. My most loved kindergarten poem “twinkle, twinkle little star” lost its meaning for me when I came to know that the stars don’t actually twinkle. They appear to twinkle when they are near the horizon. There are more than 400 billion stars in our galaxy and they are enormous bodies made up of hot gases. Many stars come in pairs called binary stars. It is said that the smaller they are the longer they live in space. Our Sun is a dwarf star and is around 4.5 billion years old.

My interest in stars further increased when I had got a chance to become an astronaut in grade 1. My mother made a customized costume for me. I can’t forget the day when I proudly wore that uniform to school and all my classmates and teachers were so much impressed and I won first prize. (See Pic for reference). This encouraged me to learn more about the mysterious space. I decided to spare my time and learn about the milky way and it was actually fun. It is my dream to become an astronaut one day. It is my dream to work with NASA and I am sure my dream will come true Insha Allah.

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