Our Roots.


Standing tall against the harsh winds

Our red badges proudly pinned,

We are united by our kin.


We aspire to stand tall

Against all judgments and the odds,

No matter how tough the storm

Our aim is not to conform.


Every time when it rains

We will not bow with deign,

No storm can calm our rush

Our roots will never crush.


Integrity, honor and respect

Are all a reflection of our act,

Relying upon the truest of facts

Our roots are still intact.


I entered Roots Millennium- One World Campus on a pleasant Monday morning; little did I know that the doors would soon become my safe haven. The corridors and hallways were lined with posters of the International Baccalaureate, specifically the Middle Year Programme, which enchanted me. Since then, I have witnessed a miraculous change in my code of conduct as a student and more importantly, as a human being- the great thing is I am receiving all this through my course content under one roof. Not only have I experienced phenomenal progress, but the horizon I dreamt of keeps on broadening and rising.

Throughout my journey in IB, I have kept rediscovering myself at every day and fold of the academic and personal life. It is an honor and privilege of the highest stature to be able to represent Pakistan worldwide by opting for IB MYP. I aspire and wish that my feelings for IB never dampen and remain a consolation throughout the hurdles I face in my academic and personal life.

I truly thank the IB practitioners and Roots Millennium School for polishing my educational and ethical considerations and making me stand among handful-capable learners of the world, whose groomed vision has the potential to bring some reform in the world.

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