The Brutality of Indian force in Kashmir should be Banished by UNO

The Brutality of Indian force in Kashmir should be Banished by UNO


Kashmir is a real sketch of paradise on earth, however, it has been brutally treated by Indian forces. This exploitation turns the peace and prosperity of this state into devastation and trepidation. The conflict of Kashmir has been proved a bone of contention between India & Pakistan. These cries have not only despaired Kashmiris but also has indulged the security of the entire subcontinent in jeopardy. Hence, it is the responsibility of the international community to play an effective role in normalizing the social life of the general public in Kashmir. In this regard, immediate involvement, efficient decision and surety to protect the legal rights of Kashmiris by the United Nations must be exercised.


Kashmir has been suffering since the division of the subcontinent in 1947. The population of Kashmir wanted to join Pakistan whereas, the Hindu Raja of Kashmir let the Indian forces occupy the Land of Kashmir. Later on, some part of Kashmir was released by Pakistan but a major part has still been a victim of their brutality, called Jammu Kashmir.

The present status of Kashmir has been applied since August 2019 by presidential order, by which Kashmiris have been deprived of their political and constitutional rights in their own land.  They are imprisoned. They are cut off with the international community. Their lives are captivated with no freedom, no peace and no future.

Tribulation of Kashmiris and UNO:

Menace behaviour of Indian forces has been observed by the whole world. Innocent people of Kashmir have been victimized by Indian forces. India has been using all possible tools and strategies to lay down Kashmiris. India is exploiting their social legal political and religious rights. They are involved in genocide. So that, India can prove its possession of Kashmir in UNO. 

Moreover, the residents of Kashmir are desperate. The medical treatments and food supply have been cut or limited. It is very shameful that in the days of the pandemic, India offers no mercy upon the people of Kashmir and depriving miserable people of a healthy lifestyle and required food intake to survive. The future of Kashmiri children is completely dark. They cannot get standard education. Their minds are chained in slavery. They cannot think freely. They are bondage to live a desperate life.

In this scenario, the only expectation left is the voice or actions of UNO. The international community must pay attention to free innocent people from the cruel behaviour of Indian forces. Indian policies must be criticised by the majority of countries. Kashmir needs strong support to exercise the right to live. UNO is one platform where justice to the Kashmiri nation can be easily acquired. Pakistan has already raised its voice in UNO for Kashmiris. Pakistan has appealed to other nations too, many times to favour Kashmiris to save them from continuous exploitation. 

This is an age of the modern era, where nations are developing so fast. However, Kashmiris are unable to get their identification yet. Alas! This is called the dual behaviour of a cruel world. It not only must be stopped but given extreme importance towards resolution.

Consideration of UNO can save the future of Kashmir. Kashmiris can also perform extraordinary deeds in the world. There must be a clear surety of human rights. Thus, they can develop like other nations.

In short, the whole world is supposed to show solidarity to the Kashmiri nation that can increase their morale, courage and determination. It can compel India to step back from Kashmir and let them live a life of their own choice.


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