Celebrating 70th Year of Pak-China Diplomatic Relations

Celebrating 70th Year of Pak-China Diplomatic Relations

Pak-China Friendship Art Competition 2021

With immense pleasure, we announce the result of the Pak- China Friendship Art Competition 2021 which was organized by Henan Normal University in collaboration with The Millennium Education Pakistan on the occasion of the 70th Year of Pak-China Diplomatic Relations. Learners from all the campuses of Millennium Education participated in this amazing competition. They produced exquisite pieces of art on the theme, “Pak- China Relationship.

The artwork of the students was assessed by the jury and after carefully evaluating the paintings, the following students have secured the positions.

First Position:

1. Shi Ziyu – Grade 4, TME Greenwich Campus, Islamabad
2. Sher Ali – Grade 6, TME Greenwich Campus Islamabad
3. Muhammad Emaad Tahir – Advanced Year, TME Waterloo Campus PWD Islamabad
4. Eman Fatima – Grade 5, TME Greenwich Campus Islamabad

Pak china art competition

Second Position:

1. Muhammad Affaan Naveed – Grade 5, TME Indus Campus Attock
2. Arfa Sami – Advanced Year, TME Kingsbury Campus Gujranwala
3. Ammaya Qaiser – Grade 4, TME Wembley Campus Sargodha
4. Maria Qasim – Grade 5, TME Indus Campus Attock
5. Muhammad Zayyan – Junior Year TME Kingston Campus Islamabad

2nd position in art competition

Third Position:

1. Mishal Fatima – Grade 3, TME Greenwich Campus
2. Zoha Sualeh – Junior Year, TME Paddington Campus University Town Peshawar
3. Nabit Ali -Grade 5, TME Kingston Campus
4. Abeeha Ahmed – Playgroup, TME Wembley Campus Sargodha

pak china competition

on behalf of the entire TME Fraternity, we would like to congratulate campuses for their achievement.

Congratulations to all!!!

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