20 Years From Now..

twenty-years-from-nowTwenty years is a surprisingly short amount of time for changes. The earth itself is a huge place, continents collide and separate from each other, cities get destroyed due to wars. Places may fall and rise, us being a small insignificant spot in this seemingly never-ending mass called the universe, twenty years is simply a blink of an eye.  But that does not mean that there will not be any significant, or minor changes. Depending on our choices, within twenty years we can either push the planet to a point of no return, with boiling hot oceans and smoke covering the entire planet, or we can turn it into as close as we can to a paradise recovering from huge pollution. I believe we will get another breakthrough in technology enabling us to have gadgets better than ever. We could have phones that simply respond to our thoughts. Advanced AIs may be able to take over most jobs like law, medicine, teaching e.t.c. Cars may be able to go in land, air and water, being able to drive by itself to minimize crashes. They would also run on electricity.  A simple voice command can take you from Pakistan to Hawaii and back in a matter of a few hours. Coming over to science, huge life-threatening diseases would be cured almost instantly and would become non-existent. We could find new elements or new species of animals, or even be finally be able to explore all the oceans.  All over the globe women would be treated equally as men and. All thoughts of race superiority would be eliminated. It could be time where the Human civilization is at peace with itself or time with disasters as none other. All households would have solar, water and wind electricity and use of fossil fuels would have been near none. Diamonds could be easily made within days or weeks and be kept simply as tools for cutting glass and etcetera.

Coming to outer space, we could be able to finally find a sign of intelligent life. we could be able to find creatures like ones we have never thought of in our wildest dreams, they could be friendly, or simply warriors who have already destroyed countless civilizations. We could finally find a planet close to earth beginning to harbor life just like our planet has done. We could finally be able to figure out exactly the reason for the beginning of the universe, or the extinction of dinosaurs. We may all think that this could obviously not be possible under simply a meager twenty years, but we humans have already surprised ourselves multiple times so we may never know.

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