My Biggest Aspiration!

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    I just turned 14 and it makes me realize how fast time flies by, which is frankly scary. That just means more responsibilities and more scary life choices to consider which can make or break my life. It’s around this time when adults or other fellow peers may just question you of your future goals. Well that question has always been quite nerve racking for me. There are just so many possibilities and I feel as if such a question just limits my capacities and I don’t want to be restricted to one definite final answer. But nevertheless, I do have some future plans in mind, or so called “aspirations”. 

    I’d just like to start off by saying that I’ve noticed here especially in my school in KPK, pakistan that most of the kids pursue to go abroad and their main goal is to just settle down there. I am still stuck and struggling to get out of that mindset as well. I mean it makes sense though, who doesn’t want to travel and just be living on their own without worrying about pointless Pakistani customs and just pleasing your relatives all the time. But I feel that we as Millennials have the responsibility for making the change. We should use our intelligence and creativity to industrialize Pakistan and make such opportunities available in our own home country. The fate of this country all depends on us! 

      In terms of my career, I’m obsessed with becoming a sociologist and i’m pretty serious about it. I’m studying it right now and it’s so interesting! It doesn’t even feel like a burden or just another painful school subject, I feel so enthusiastic throughout reading each and every page. I feel like this subject has the potential to change the world and it’s just so down my alley. This career would allow me to travel and experience different societies in different parts of the world and to get to know their functions and the roles individuals are assigned there. The main thing that triggered my fascination to this subject would definitely be the switch from New York City culture to Peshawar, Pakistan culture. Both are beautiful and interesting in their own ways. It’s so amazing how people make up society and create these different values and I further want to experience even more rich different cultures and just come up with theories to resolve controversial issues and just make them come together despite their differences. I want to be able to unite the world with my findings and discoveries and debunk typical stereotypes. I plan on doing sociology as an extra subject in O levels and then later pursuing it in A levels as well.

       Something to note here is that there are tons of poor people here struggling through poverty and it’s devastating. There are also tons of lives being taken in Waziristan, Afghanistan, Kashmir and some other places in Pakistan due to terrorism. We have to do something about this! We are responsible as a community to make a change, not everything is in the hands of the government. Thus it is a goal of mine to start an interlinked foundation in Pakistan and Afghanistan which raises money for innocent kids and families who are getting hurt and killed by terrrorism or just struggling through severe poverty. I just want to be able to provide them with safe shelter, free but sustainable education , free meals and insurance. We have to open doors to these people because it is them who will further develop our region in the near future. UNICEF is an organization which does great community service worldwide and I would love to contribute to their projects and work their as an intern.

       A final but very cliche goal would be, being the first girl in my lineage being able to do something with her life. I’m from a very conservative family and it’s so shocking how it’s  the 21st century and I have yet to see a female relative drive a car or just make a living for herself on her own, without the need of depending on a male figure. Long gone are the days of women trapped inside the kitchen just serving others. But most importantly I want to have a bigger purpose than myself and try to change at least some aspect of the world.

       In conclusion, I don’t know if these goals are special enough or anything different, but at the end of the day, even though these aren’t as extravagant as being the first woman to walk on Mars, this is what I want to do. It may seem kind of challenging, but I am willing to overcome any obstacle that come along the way.

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