Online Overload

Online Overload

A portable device capable of telecommunications and SMS services is at one’s fingertips nowadays, quite literally. As many might think, it is very useful in a life where it would make daily tasks a whole lot easier, so many think of this as a benefit and a good feature. Whereas others argue that it is due to these technological advancements that are making the modern-day youth vulnerable and an easy target for the exploitation and vial conduct that may go on. The thought of these so-called advantages is only what people see as turning a blind eye to reality as well as being more ignorant.  

It is the 21st century and at the click of a button, we have access to materials worldwide followed by another click to get the desired product at our front door. It is the golden age of technology and all the services followed by it, as the days go on there are self-driving cars to dog-faced filters, there is no limit. All these services provided are to ensure one lives an entertaining lifestyle as well as living life safely on the edge by pushing the limits. 

We can call and message others using our mobile phones to do so. This saves time, money, and all the headaches that followed, as we can call whenever and whoever we want, from our mothers on Mother’s Day to ordering pizza at midnight. The possibilities are endless. As well as cool and innovative ideas to communicate via SMS some applications can allow you to edit videos and add cool stickers to photos and videos effortlessly. You can even keep up with the trends. Yes, even fashion models, clothes, dances, songs, shoes, celebrities, and the list goes on. It gives you all the intel needed while keeping you up to date with worldly affairs. It also provides children with a source of education, a facility where the younger generation can learn at their heart’s content while also being free. 

Leading on is that we can now work from home. In the comfort of our beds and still, be earning and engaging in the social community.  

On the other hand, many people believe that the advances in technology are signs of a technological takeover and robots replacing humans. It may be well justified that the advances made are not safe or suitable to be near the hands of the public. If there is an important meeting and you are running a car and the car does not have enough battery to make it, then what would you do? Many people also say that a plane is a very dangerous item as people can hear it as it is not a fully secure system and companies can also sell the data given to them, so there is no real security.  

Social media is believed to be one of the most toxic and contagious ‘diseases’ of the facilities provided on mobiles. This is because many parents feel as if it causes demotivation and vulnerability to children as well as harmful facilities while the more, exploiting the younger generation and leading them in the wrong ways. Social Media also creates a strong influence on the users as it puts pressure on them to see others doing something that they are not doing which can often cause a child to feel left out or lead to severe depression and anxiety. While also leading the competition that can not always be friendly and sometimes even harmful. 

Overall, it can be a great tool to lead an easier functional life, while also harmful to those users who do not fully grasp the concept of what troubles can be caused by hobbies as well as if not worse, social media too. To our people, there are equal advantages and disadvantages to technology but that is the case in all areas of development. The fact is how you use mobile and other technology that matters. 

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