Millennials Participation in the 30th International Kangaroo Mathematics Contest – IKMC 2020

Millennials Participation in the 30th International Kangaroo Mathematics Contest – IKMC 2020

Millennials have maintained their legacy of bagging positions and winning medals in the world`s largest mathematical contest, International Kangaroo Mathematics Contest IKMC, in which thousands of students participate from all over the world. IKMC provides an extensive opportunity for the students to demonstrate their mathematical, quantitative and analytical skills.

It aims to promote the culture of critical thinking and conceptual clarity among the students and intends to encourage the educational sector of Pakistan to inculcate and nurture the power of reasoning, spatial thinking and analytical approach to resolving problems among students. This competition is a way of intellectual encouragement for all and a challenge for the genius ones.

Millennials Won Medals in International Kangaroo Mathematics Contest

At The Millennium Education, learners from their early years are nurtured to be mathematical wizards as mathematics is the cradle of all creations. At our school, mathematical games and activities are made part of the curriculum to broaden the intellectual abilities of the students and to enhance their ability for comprehending mathematical skills.

Our millennials have been participating in this international competition for the last 13 years and have been securing positions and medals owing to their amazing performance in the contest. Engagement in such competitions enables students to realize their hidden talents related to numeracy skills and built an open-minded attitude among learners.

It is worth mentioning that 1800 students have registered for the 30th International Kangaroo Mathematics Contest – 2020 from our different campuses nationwide. We feel immense pleasure to state that despite the unrest among students due to unprecedented global crises, our students have won 9 silver medals, 53 bronze medals, 53 USB cables, 5 power banks and 4 E-Writing boards. Mentioned below are the details of Silver Medal Winners;

Sr. NoStudent NameGradeCampus NameMedal
1Manha BilalGrade 3The Millennium Education -Indus Campus AttockSilver Medal
2Danyaal ZiaGrade 4The Millennium Education – Indus Campus AttockSilver Medal
3Rodaina AliGrade 3The Millennium Education – Marble Arch Campus, MardanSilver Medal
4Ahmed Nafay SaadGrade 6The Millennium Education -Wahid Campus, F-10/2 IslamabadSilver Medal
5Muhammad Mustafa WahabGrade 5The Millennium Education – Marble Arch Campus, MardanSilver Medal
6Hashim Talal MalikGrade 7The Millennium Education – Pine Campus, AbbottabadSilver Medal
7Sudais KhanGrade 7The Millennium Education – Marble Arch Campus, MardanSilver Medal
8Mohammad Nazeer FaqirzadaIGCSE-IIIThe Millennium Education -Khyber Campus, PeshawarSilver Medal
9Hamza Muhammad KhanA2Millennium College – Flagship Campus, I-9/3 IslamabadSilver Medal

We are extremely thankful to our Dynamic Founder & CEO, Chaudhry Faisal Mushtaq TI for inspiring the learners and building their confidence by presenting to them such incredible opportunities to recognize their actual talent and represent their institution on the international Kangaroo platform.

On the behalf of the entire TME community, we would like to congratulate the parental community for this achievement of our students and their children and wish a success in their future endeavors.

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