Another Batch Joins The Primary; We Pause, We Celebrate And We Say Goodbye

Not such a long time ago, I remember I was telling someone that my cousin’s son was graduating Montessori, and they smirked and went, “Itnay chotay bachay ki kya graduation hoti hai? It’s not something they’ll remember ten years down the line,” turned to the other friend and said, “Right?”  

Uh, NO.  

A lot of people believe that there is no point throwing grand parties for fiveyear olds who only see the candy from the ceremony and gifts from the after party with their parents. What they don’t realize is, they WILL remember. A Montessori graduation is a celebration of one of the most initial milestones in a child’s life as well as in a parent’s. Wouldn’t they later in life want to know how jittery their parents were when their little ones were not so little anymore? 

Here, at The Millennium Education, even the smallest achievements of the Millennials is celebrated and trust me, moving our tiny pre-schoolers to the “Big School” is NOT a small deal for us. Moving them to the phase of school buses and endless corridors and recess thrills the teachers exactly as much – if not more, as the parents. The learners also stirring with emotion; some sparky, some sad, some nervous but all set to explore what lies ahead. 

So now that it’s time for another batch to join the primary, we have paused, we’re celebrating all the little ones and we’re saying goodbye.  

All our campuses with the Early Years Programme are leaving parents in awe as the Millennium Graduation Ceremonies rage on with full tilt. The farewells are all conquered by the graduating Millennials themselves who first welcome the guests with their adorable welcome speeches and then run right into their mind-blowing plays and skits prepared to present to their teary-eyed, euphoric mommies and daddies.

Towards the end of the festivity, all the mini graduates come up, beaming with joy and excitement to shake hands with their teachers, the Director of Communications and Outreach and receive a keepsake certificate in folders that also holds a picture of the graduating batch. It is a token of gratitude to the child for enriching our lives with their joyful presence.  


The Montessori Graduation Ceremonies provide us with an opportunity to see first-hand, each learner’s aspirations and achievements during their time at pre-school. The warmth between the learners and their teachers generates a feeling of wonder that envelops the air in the auditorium and touches everyone present 


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