The Evening Walk


I set out yesterday evening for my usual everyday walk but it was different from the others. The sky was full of colors which I had never seen in the past. It felt like once in a life time kind of a walk.
It was close to sunset and the immense yellow ball’s brightness started to dim and the sky grew paler every second. When I looked towards the direction from where the sun rises, it was already dark blue.
A flock of birds turned towards their homes in a V, each one of them to leading the flock. Flapping their wings ever so quickly, it seemed like the were chasing the sun.
There was a transition of colors, turning from blue to brown-ish orange. The sky was a magnificent sight which I had never seen before.
The sun kept lowering until it was hidden from my sight. The sky turned a dull black with countless shimmering diamonds. An extraordinary, mesmerizing pearl showed off its stunning white light high in the sky, still managing to appear so close that you could extend an arm and grab it. The plants and the trees swayed with the light, cool breeze.
I looked up at the clear sky and now, I could see much more. I could see the Milky Way which was glowing magically. I stopped and sat there for a while to take in and admire the beauty of the deep space.


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