When Words Fail Music Speaks

When Words Fail Music Speaks

Music is a form of art that has a major influence on every individual’s life in different ways. It has endless meanings, but for me, it’s a way to express my feelings, thoughts, and emotions. I love having it played around me all the time, it gives me energy and motivation to be productive. It’s not just limited to recorded instruments and lyrics, it’s all around us in nature like the chirping of birds, rain, and wind.

It has many forms of expression and contains the power to take control over one’s emotions. It can uplift our mood, remind us of our loved ones, or may trigger a memory we were trying to forget. Students often find it easier to study with music on as it boosts our energy and helps us study for longer without getting tired or bored.

With all the worldly stress and pressure on our lives, we all need something to relax our minds, and what can be better than a good song to vibe with and a cup of coffee to ease us up? From hearing our parents and grandparents singing rhymes and lullabies to put us to sleep while we were toddlers till growing up partying and blasting music on our speakers to have a great time with friends.

When Words Fails Music Speaks

Music has been a part of most of our occasions to help us enjoy and live up to the moment, but it surely is way more than just jamming on our favorite playlist with our friends, it is something which people can relate to in this lonely little world. Wouldn’t life be boring without music?

Music is known to be a “universal language”, it has no boundaries and anyone can enjoy good music regardless of the language and cultural differences. It connects people. It defines cultures, different eras, and can keeps traditions alive. Based on what slang, languages, and instruments are used in the music, we can figure out when it was composed.

It’s a beautiful way to capture moments and memories which can last for an eternity. In today’s world, everything has been so accessible, we can easily listen to and explore music which consists of multiple genres for e.g. jazz, hip hop, rock and roll, blues, country, pop, folk, fusion and etc.

Each genre has its own grace. We listen to different types of music on different occasions. It can also be a form of identity, people often convey their feelings, intentions, emotions, and meanings through it, which may not be possible through their spoken languages.

People suffering from depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses are often advised to have music therapy which has played an increasing role in all aspects of healing. Research and evidence support the fact that music is beneficial for everyone, both mentally and physically. It improves heart rate, brain stimulation, reduces stress, and makes a person more productive.

Everybody has their own stories and opinions on music and its impact on their lives, what’s yours?

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