Natasha Mustafa | Bronze Award Winner | The Queen`s Commonwealth Essay Competition 2020

Natasha Mustafa | Bronze Award Winner | The Queen`s Commonwealth Essay Competition 2020

Millennials have been participating and winning the award in The Queen`s Commonwealth Essay competition which is organized by the Royal Commonwealth Society annually. This year our millennial Natasha Mustafa of IGCSE I, Future World School Karachi has secured a “Bronze Award” in this international essay competition which aims to promote the talents, literacy, expression and creativity of young people by celebrating excellence and imagination.

Below given is the letter, please give it a read to know how beautifully our millennial has expressed her feelings about Mother Nature.

Mother Nature’s Mourn

Dear Humans,

Every day whenever I look at you all facing these atrocious crises, my heart burns. After all, you are my children, but then I hear a voice in my brain, ‘It’s for their good.’

I have been resisting all the pain and torture you’ve given me, for decades. You’ve been choking me with your landfills, suffocating me by poisoning my fresh air and killing my innocent animals, so I had no other option. I needed a break from all this. I had to switch to my recovery mode.

I decided to write this letter so, I can tell you, my children, that how have you made me suffer all these years, and why did I decide to take such a huge step?

Millions of years ago, I was a planet with breathtaking landscapes. I had greenery spread all over me. Every creature was free to live a happy life. Every morning I used to wake up with the sweet voice of my birds chirping. My fellow planets wished that they even had life on themselves as I did. I used to feel very lucky.

As the years passed, new creatures took birth, and then you humans appeared. You all seemed to be the wisest and responsible among all the others. I felt even more fortunate because I thought that now there is someone who will take care of my other children and my nature.

After a few hundred years I realized that I might be wrong. Instead of taking care of me, you seemed to keep on destroying my environment. You cut down my trees for your economic benefits. You learned to light fire to keep yourself warm, but it polluted my air.

I thought that these are your needs so, I kept myself shut. I’ve been silent for thousands of years, but look at me now. My silence has completely ruined me and if I stay in silence anymore, I may kill myself.

Do you know that what do my fellow planets say? First, they used to look at me and get inspired, but now they look at me and feel sorry for me that I have life on myself. Mars said, ‘Thank god the humans haven’t found a way to live on me, yet. I don’t want to get destroyed as you have been.’

These words Mars said, hit me like a bullet. Then I decided that it was high time now. I had to speak up. I had to put a brake on my emotions and make you people realize what I have suffered through, due to you.

It surely hurts me, to see you all in this pandemic situation, but the thing that hurts me, even more, is that, instead of learning from these crises, you are still planning to invest in warfare, more industrialization and least concerned about your mother nature!

I can tolerate anything, even the pain you give to me but, I can’t tolerate seeing my one child torturing the other. How can I see my children fighting against each other? I want this COVID-19 pandemic to teach you that no matter how different you all are from each other, but still there is a deep and powerful connection between you humans.


Your Mother Nature

 We are thankful to our Founder & CEO, Chaudhry Faisal Mushtaq TI for inspiring the learners and building their confidence by giving them a chance to participate in such incredible opportunities. Through The Queen`s Commonwealth Essay Competition and other diverse platforms, our learners recognize their actual talents.

On behalf of the entire TME Family, we would like to congratulate Natasha Mustafa the Bronze Award Winner of The Queen`s Commonwealth Essay Competition 2020 on this tremendous achievement and wish her more success.


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