Who Run The World? – International Women’s Day 2019


International women’s day is a day that marks the importance of the remembrance of the great women of the past and the celebration of the great women of today. After all, we would not be here if it weren’t for our mothers. And as a society, we would not have progressed to the point where we are today. And in order to celebrate the women of past and present, we simply have to take some time to spend with them and regard their contributions. So here, at RMC Karachi, women’s day was celebrated by playing cricket as cricket is not for a specific gender and what can girls not do?  Our female staff and students participated and thrilled everyone with all the excitement and fun.

The cricket match was followed by self-defense training in kickboxing which was a completely different type of sport for women and is absolutely vital for them because hey, back off!

Of course, the day may have been for the women, but involvement is an important aspect of why the day is celebrated and obviously men aren’t barred from celebrating it. So, there were brownies distributed to both, the male and female staff in hopes that the sweet treat could represent the love and respect we should grace the women in our lives with, women’s day or not.

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