Stray Animals Are Living Beings

Stray Animals Are Living Beings

Where is the home of ‘stray animals’? How do they survive? Aren’t they living beings? Don’t they have feelings?

Stray animals have no specific home or place where they can live, they just live in streets with no shelter or something. If people see them they hit them for fun. Country like Pakistan show usually no mercy for stray animals. People even kill them if they want. We also don’t give them any food. Stray animals die because of food or water they drink is unhygienic plus they also die because they feel too much cold or hot.

We also do animals slavery for example we use donkey for carrying so much burden, which is a wrong thing. In Karachi a donkey was rescued after a horrifying act of brutality, a gang force-fed the acid to the donkey and after that, it was rescued and was taken under for treatment and observation immediately. His entire body from the insides, his intestines, his lungs, his throat, and his mouth all burnt, blistered and set aflame from the inside out and he died.

We use zoo animals for our pleasure. We don’t have any feeling for them. Kavan was an elephant which was known as “world’s loneliest elephant“, after his partner Saheli died in 2012. Kaavan was gifted by the Government of Sri -Lanka  to Pakistan in 1985.

He remained at the Islamabad Zoo until November 2020, when he was moved to a sanctuary in Cambodia, in response to a campaign launched by local and international animal rights activists.

We also have made myths that if a black cat passes in front of you than something bad will happen and you may die. Did this happen any time? Like how can they even blame an innocent cat for something like that? There are also myths that crow brings unhappiness and bats are vampires.

We also cage free birds for our entertainment. If we keep them in our home than we keep then inside a little cage. Why couldn’t we just make them free? By doing so they can help us for the betterment of our environment even .They can disperse seeds and grow more trees. Cats are also very helpful in making environment better as they feed on rabbits which actually eat crops causing threat of food scarcity so actually cats help farmers to keep their farms safe from predators. Also they help to reduce stress of humans. Dogs are also useful to nature by using their incredible sense of smell to protect ecosystems all around the globe.

We should stop this brutality. Our government should pass a law for not hurting stray animals and also by making shelters for them. At least we can put milk and some food for stray animals outside our homes. Winter is also starting and they could die because of hunger and cold! We can also let them stay in our homes so they can have a little shelter for surviving in winter.

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    Mariam Malik 1 year

    MA SHAA ALLAH Very impressive! Good job dear

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    Mariam Malik 1 year

    MA SHAA ALLAH very impressive, good job dear !

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