For more than a hundred years, we were told lies about our world. We were told that humanity does not exist further beyond the walls, which we believed blindly, without looking further into it. But we were also oppressed by the military police so we can’t blame ourselves. But now that the truth is finally open to us, we finally know that humanity exists outside the walls.


Ever since the coup d’etat that took place, we learned that our so called ‘world’ was telling us something that wasn’t the case. Putting a fake king in-charge was a proof of that
but ever since Queen Historia Reiss came into power, the walls have been considerably better. Many orphanages have come to exist for the kids living in the underground. All that aside though, our brave heroes from the survey corps have uncovered the real truth of our world that was kept secret by the military police.

Previously our belief was that We are the last of humanity to exist and that the last remaining humans built the walls to seek protection from the titans. But that was an utter lie to keep the peace inside, which was told by the first ruler of the walls. We are known by the words subjects of ymir, or eldians. Our greatest enemy is the Marleyans from the continent Marley.

About a hundred years ago, we used to share the same land. This Island on where the walls are built, Paradis, was inhabited. The power of the titans was held by the eldians, as only eldians can use those powers. The titan power was split into the 9 titans. A great war called the great titan war struck which made the eldian king or the first king of the walls escape to Paradis with as many eldians as he could. With the founding titan which is the strongest of the 9 titans. Then he built the walls using his founder abilities by hundreds of thousands of colossal titans, and warned the world.


If anyone dared to attack Paradis, he would unleash the colossal titans and they would trample the entire world. Then he changed the royal family’s name from Fritz to Reiss and placed a random noble family in charge, while the true royale blood ruled from the roots. All this because the first ruler of the walls loved peace. He felt bad, as before his time as the king, the eldians absolutely dominated the world, killing millions of people. He wanted his people to pay for the actions of his ancestors, so he placed a vow called ‘The Vow Renouncing war’ which made the royal family not use the full potential of the founding titan, which could only be possessed by the royal family, to avoid any war in the future. That is why the royal family could not fight off the pure titans sent by the marleyans to the wall. The pure titans had no job but to eat humans simply for pleasure. So, the true royal family had no choice but to silently rule from the root.

attack on titans

The brave heroes of the survey corps uncovered this truth while retaking wall Maria, while fighting in the Shiganshina district. They fought against the 4 Titan shifters which infiltrated the walls in the year 845. Our heroes also took one of the titan shifters. Now paradise hold 3 of the titan shifters, the other two being held by Eren Yeager.

Now that Paradis is caught up in the reality of the world, we are going to fight back the oppression we are facing from the entire world. With the new information we have as well as the new titan shifter we just gained.

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