My role in the development of Pakistan

My role in the development of Pakistan

My role in the development of Pakistan is that I could put little boards that “Don’t throw trash on the ground”. Also follow the traffic rules as they are not obeying if they do not follow the traffic rules they will charge a fine also. I will introduce research and activity based learning at primary level. It will enhance the learning of my age group fellows in my country as people are not disciplined. I will work on energy conservation. Instead of Expensive resource, I will generate Electricity from water and solar energy. Climate change is a big problem. Nowadays it causes global warming, the greenhouse effect, and flooding. So, planting trees and growing forests will help in this regard.

I am quite interested in developing my country Pakistan. I will work on every problem of Pakistan. As a young person, I have plans to make our future better. I will be honest with everyone, and everyone would get a chance to speak. I will be fair with everyone and treat them equally. I would work for the betterment of my country and would aware others.

“Early childhood education is the key to the betterment of society”

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