I Have Never Been More Frightened Than When…

It was a pleasant afternoon with chirping birds flying high in the sunny sky.  Me and my father were washing the bike which is a custom in my house that is to be  observed every Sunday very religiously.

Listening to the melodious music, scrubbing and rinsing the bike and shaking our bodies to the rap songs being played in our car, made it a thing to rejoice. My mother, as a routine, kept on warning me of terrible consequences if I ruined my new Cocobee jeans. I, therefore, pulled my jeans till my knees and kept on scrubbing and rinsing. The people working in their shops, the children playing outside with enthusiasm and joy, a group of people dancing to the tune of bagpipes and drums as they made merry for their  friend who got engaged made it a very usual warm day.

Suddenly we heard a loud alarming BOOM!!! Our eyes sprang out, our faces turned crimson and our lips twitched.  We sat on the floor holding our ears tight and staring into each other’s eyes without knowing what had happened. Our hearts jumped out of our chests and started beating rapidly. Silence enveloped the surroundings and the birds forgot to chirp. A few minutes later we regained our senses and looked around. The air reeked of gun powder. It was a fire cracker thrown by a naughty boy which made me afraid in a way I have never been before.

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