The Basement

“Dan get ready, the bus is outside waiting for you!” shouted my mother as I picked up my bags and got ready to board the bus, which was going to take me to the boarding school. I ran on the driveway to get to the bus as quickly as I could. I was greeted by my two friends the second I stepped on the bus. Michael and Joe were seated at the back with another student. I was the last one to arrive. Now the bus full of students hurled towards the school.
After 3 hours of non stop chatting the bus came at halt outside the very old building which had been recently renovated. We took our luggage and walked towards the dormitories while thinking of what kind of things this mammoth sized building would be hiding from us. We placed our bags in the rooms which had bunker beds. From this four people could stay there which meant more fun. We headed off to the mess for the welcome lunch. It was a huge hall with a long table in the middle and tens of  round tables on the sides. We chose the nearest to the teacher’s table and sat on the chairs around it.
The principal came in and sat down on the seat. After five minutes he  gently tapped the glass with a spoon and magically everyone became quiet. He made a quick  welcome speech in which he told us that this was an old hospital abandoned when the miners left the town. A few years ago minors came back and started to mine again with new modern equipment so the town was inhabited. After the speech the lunch was served and then we were given the timetable and were guided about the building by our seniors.
The first day was free – some decided to study but we decided to roam around I  the school. We spent much of our time roaming in the play ground. Michael kept saying that he was having deja-vu about the place. At once he started to point out rooms and told about the place. We became curious so we searched for books in the library about the hospital and there were plenty. He was correct in every way. We thought that he would’ve came here some time and he had an remarkable memory so we ignored him. But every time we passed near a wall in the ground he got a weird feeling.
We investigated the wall and found out that the was gap in the wall and it was a door of some kind. Joe slipped his thin hands in the slight cracks and after five minutes of struggle he managed to open it. It was a very heavy door but it was helped with a hydraulic   system. It was a dark corridor with old lights on the top. We stepped in and the lights turned on followed by the closure of the heavy metal door. There were some steps down into a lower story. This was the basement of the building. It had not been renovated unlike the rest of the building so we assumed that it was secret.
We found ourselves in a very old room which was full of old computers and some thing related to medical. In a corner there were syringes and some test tubes and flasks. We supposed that they were performing some biological tests. We were going through the things and then a message started to read out through the speakers at the corners of the room. It said ” You probably don’t know what this is or where you are. This is a research project in which some chemicals were injected in the bodies of infants. These would give them superhuman capabilities like know what is on the other side of the wall and know where any person is at any time and also the best of all super memory. 50 children were tested and all survived and 50 officers and scientists know about this ” The transmission ended.
We were looking towards each other in amaze. We got a book in which there were names of people and there super powers. We found the name of Michael and found some other common names. We got out and pledged that we would not tell this to any one else. A few terms later we thought that we should tell this to some one so we decided that person should be our games teacher. We told him about the whole matter. He believed us and was happy that he was a reliable person.
He told it to the principal but the he was furious that we didn’t tell him directly this. Later he awarded us with the certificates for bravery but was still happy. The kids with super powers were taken into quarantine but were released after few weeks after some tests. They were named the special ones. After that everything was normal.
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