I Have Never Been More Frightened Than When…

Living in the eighth year of her life, my cousin was constantly poking her little finger in my arms. Asking me why the weather had totally changed. Frightened by the meteorological conditions I never answered back. Of all the liars in the world, the worst are our own fears. My biggest fear was experiencing a storm of clouds hitting each other, giving rise to a thundery sound. The air turned black all around me. And it was, unfortunately, the most challenging moment of my life.

Sudden and severe lightning and thunder occurred I could feel my cousin’s hands on my arms. I was sure that she could have scratched my clothes off, but my clothes were saved. Thank God! I could barely see the trees. When thundering and lightning loomed, it was just like the flickering of day and night, because of the strong lightning. I felt that the trees would blow away. It started to rain heavily. It was just like the rainfalls in movies that would look totally uneven to me, but now I had witnessed it in real life. I had never been more frightened than when l experienced this part of my life. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. I wanted to wail but l receded and made myself understand that although fear has a large shadow, he himself is small. My fingers stopped quivering, and my concentrated fear was invaded by a relaxed sigh. But   there was still another level to be passed. ‘A BRIDGE.’I know it seems funny but it MOVES! And another thing that made it worse than it is very long. I had promised myself that fear is nothing, but a state of mind.  It could be overcome. Keeping these things in mind we finally passed the bridge.

The driver slowed down the speed, so we don’t slip as, the road was filled with water, it looked as if the roads were floating in water. Well, time passes it never remains the same. The next day was as normal as any other day. The sun rose and set in. The moon appeared and hid again behind the clouds. Always we should remember, ‘FEAR IS THE BEST MOTIVATOR’! Life Begins Where Fear Ends.

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