Tracking The Thief

New New rocking the rhinos

I am a guard at the zoo. One night I was checking that all the animals were in their sheds. I noticed that all of them were in place except 2 Rhinos. I checked the security cameras. I saw a person putting them into a huge truck. I tried to follow him but he was very fast.

Next day I hung posters of the person on the walls asking that if anyone knows him, to tell us. After 2 months we were informed by someone that he has seen the thief. He said that the thief lives near his house. We raided the house, but the house was vacant. So we called the special agents for the surveillance of the area but it was not fruitful as well.

After another month, one day I again saw the thief on the zoo’s security camera. This time I wasted not a minute and captured him. We took him to the court. During the trial he kept on denying that he has stolen the rhinos 3 months back. He said that he was just visiting the zoo. But as the cameras had captured him so after the trial he was sent to the jail.

One day I was walking in a mall where I saw the thief. I was surprised that he was freed so soon. I went to him and asked why he was freed so soon. He looked at me with surprise and said “I have never been caught”.

To my disbelief, the man that we had captured turned out to be the actual criminal’s brother, twin brother.

I told him that because of his crime his brother was sentenced to jail. He was very sorry and he went to the police and admitted his crime. So, in this way the story ended.

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