Is it Better to Ask or To Overthink ?

Is it Better to Ask or To Overthink ?

Is thinking excessively bad for ourselves? Well, I ponder in some cases it does cause harm however, it induces the power to think more, before concluding any decision.  If the writers had stopped thinking, they would have not been able to write novels, poetry, and something else. In these cases, overthinking leads to broad minding of thought and knowledge.

Patently, it is better to ask at extempore of the moment, thinking excessively instead. Many of us are not confident enough to ask at the moment, probably because of the fear of being insulted and scorned. Evidently, overthinking would lead to mental health problems which are absolutely unwholesome. In a broader aspect, the physiological impact of overthinking on health would lead to anxiety and depression. Extreme irritability and grumpy nature are a consequence of overthinking which is palpable in younger people and adults.

Life can twist and entangle us in different circumstances and put us in dilemma and overthinking mode. It is advisable to figure the problem by broaching the matter, that’s how a person can garner the opinion and implement them accordingly.



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