What Makes Me Come To School Everyday

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Every child has a passion and motivation for everyday. I have a passion to go to school everyday, and why I do it, because of my sweet and polite teachers. They are the ones who explain the most difficult chapters to us. My friends make me come to school, and I just love so much to play and talk with them. School teaches us skills, rules, punctuality, manners, discipline and various more things. Each and every child want their future to be very bright. I discovered my creativity when I came to Roots Millennium School. Being a Millennial, I have a lot of qualities. There are a lot of other reasons why we should go to school. Our school helps develop networking and social skills. Another reason is to do extracurricular activities. I come to school to work, to learn. I come to learn because if you learn more and get good grades then you get a good job and earn money.

I wish school never ends. I love my school.

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