One Day, I Woke Up With A Mermaid..

Once upon a time, I was playing on a sea side and I saw a mermaid who was playing on a sea shore. She was very beautiful. One giant was flying in the sky. He saw mermaid and said she is very pretty, I will take her with me into my giant castle. When giant took the mermaid she started crying for help. Butterfly was playing with a flower over there, she came and said I will help you mermaid. Then butterfly open her wings and said some magic words. That butterfly was a fairy who punish the giant with her magic and said to mermaid don’t worry mermaid I will send you to some better place where you will be safe and happy. Then suddenly I opened my eyes and surprised to see that mermaid was sleeping on my side.

I was so happy and excited that I woke up with mermaid and we became best friends and live happily ever after.
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