Time Travel!

Tom! Mum called out. Tom was a small boy who loved to watch T.V and had a habit of wasting time. He was very naughty too. He never did anything so his parents were worried about his future. He was scared of the dark. One day his parents were having a discussion with him. They told him that: time is passing by and he was doing nothing. His mom told him that the better is your present, the better will be your future. She also told him that: you’re 16 years old now and you need to plan for your future now so that you have a good life later. The next day he told his parents that: MOM! DAD! I achieved full marks in my test the first time!!! He was very proud of himself. His mom said: I’ll make your favorite dish today!

He was very happy. Today he was procrastinating a lot. When he was asleep, he got a horrible dream that a girl was standing in front of him. She said: Tom! Yesterday you achieved full marks in your test, right? You also were very happy right? He answered: Yes.

She said: see, when you worked hard, the day would turned out great!!!

He said: that was only once, that day would never come again!!!

She shouted: NO!!! You’re wrong! If you work hard again and again you can do it for your whole life!

Suddenly a thunder storm came! He woke up, jump out of his bed and ran out of his room.

First he prayed. Then he ran into Mum and Dad’s room. He apologized both his parents and said : NOW I KNOW HOW TO BE A GOOD BOY AND ALSO KNOW HOW TO PLAN FOR MY FUTURE!!!

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