Lapis And I

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One beautiful morning, I went for a walk, felt tired and wanted some rest. I came across a majestic old cave. It was so spectacular that I started to walk towards it without knowing what I was doing, until I reached the inside of the cavern. There, it felt so calm and peaceful that I laid down and closed my eyes. Suddenly, I saw a bright light shining outside. I went to check what was happening and there was something unusual outside. It wasn’t like before, it looked as I forgot where I was. I saw some people, I reached to them and asked what this place was? Yes, it was weird… I was in Egypt!!!

Compared to those people, I was totally different in various ways.

Their dresses were long up to their shins. The men’s clothes were a piece of cloth tied around them. Everywhere I looked some people were holding boxes filled with food or wood. They held the boxes on half of their head and half on their shoulder. They didn’t live in big houses unless they were Royalties, otherwise they lived in tiny cottages. I felt very confused that how did I arrived in Egypt.

I saw a very pretty girl with straight black hair, eye catching deep blue eyes, nearly my age. I went near and asked her name. She told me her name was Lapis. She was very kind and friendly. We became friends soon. She was happy to find a girl her age who was dressed unusually, it made her excited. We played and then she took me to her home. I met her lovely mother who called herself Nanu. She was very beautiful and had a shiny clean skin. She was wearing a big golden necklace and headband. Her dress was cream in color. She asked me whose daughter I was. I told her my father’s name, which she did not recognize. Still she told me that I am glad that you are my guest. She thought that I was lost from some other town.

I roamed around the house with Lapis. It was made of stones and mud. They had floor beds and a toilet outside. They had a veranda with big urns lying in it. They stored drinking water in some of these urns too. I felt that I had a cost feeling there. They were very nice and friendly people.

The evening came so I decided to stay at their house for a night. I was feeling quite hungry at that time. When the night came Nanu gave me delicious warm lentil and barley soup. After that she offered me and Lapis some grilled fish and a piece of wheat bread which we gladly accepted. She also poured some grape juice for me and Lapis in strangely beautiful and unique glasses. I was excited to sip juice from that glass. It was one of a kind of dinner though.

I had a bracelet which had my name embossed on it, I presented that to Lapis for her warm-hearted hosting. Lapis gladly accepted the gift. In return she gave me her beautiful necklace with a blue stone in it. She said it is a sign of our friendship. Then Lapis and I chatted and chatted. Both of us tired so we slept on the floor beds.

When I opened my eyes and I wasn’t with Lapis!!  I was back in the cave where I slept! Strangely, I was wearing a blue stone necklace and my bracelet was gone.

Lapis and I were best friends. I had her necklace and she had my bracelet to remember each other. I will always remember the day I spent with Lapis.

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