Invisible Man

Invisible Man

I still remember the most horrifying day of my life. When I woke up, I used the washroom. When I saw myself in the mirror, I was not there. I felt perturbed and agitated, and quickly ran to my brother. He was still asleep in his bed. I screamed in his ear but he didn’t respond. I was shocked and distraught. Then, I pinched him on his arm and punched him on his stomach but no response. Therefore in vain, I went to my mom who was preparing breakfast. I cried out aloud, complaining that something was wrong with my brother, but she quietly did her dishes and didn’t utter a word. In dismay I pushed her, but my hands went through her. My eyes were filled up with tears, I ran to my father.

Dad was working out on treadmill. I stood in front of him and cried out aloud, but he didn’t look at me. Then I threw the car keys on the floor, but my father didn’t bother to look at me. I sat on the sofa and sobbed my heart out. I was the peach of the family and I couldn’t bother the ignorance.

Shedding tears, I ran to my bedroom and slammed on to my bed turned around towards the side of my brother and somehow I missed the corner of my bed, and fell on the floor. “You fool, can’t you balance yourself on the bed” I couldn’t believe my ears and the spell of my horrible dream was over.

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