Digital Learning

Digital Learning

Everything has an advantage and a disadvantage. It is our choice which side we chose.

Similarly, technology is something that has benefits, as well as drawbacks. If we use it the right way, it can even be utilized to improve learning and teaching.

It is already being used in advancing and developing the education system. Likewise, a long time ago if people had any questions, they had to go through the thick, heavy encyclopedia, but now a day with a click of a button we get our answers, thanks to software like Google; Microsoft; and YouTube.

The relationship between technology and learning is very important because due to technology children have easy access to information and gain more interest in learning. Now a days its a time of eLearning trends and every school should follow eLearning trends in this era.

Another example of the importance of technology in learning can be taken from our current situation, as we can’t go to school, due to COVID-19. The online platform, MATRIX (Millennial Academic Technology Real-Time Information Xchange) is helping in times like this. MATRIX is an online platform that helps provide a centralized source for information. In short, technology connects teachers and students.

Simply technology is something that makes learning more fun and meaningful for students. Also, many people are learning and exploring what is eLearning to ease their learning development tasks.
Also there are many eLearning workshops and instructional design virtual workshop that one can attend online to understand more about eLearning and its trends.

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