My Biggest Aspirations

Being young, we are often questioned about our aspirations, despite our puzzlement by the future and our inability to expect what the bizarre scenario of adulthood will bring. These continuous reminders that our youth is only there for a small amount of time compels us to think seriously about what we can bring to the future; as the future generation, we dream hard and constantly aspire to reach beyond the clouds, no matter how hard it may seem. That type of strong determination to feel liberated and empowered is an important key to fulfilling the yearning in our hearts that aspire to reach those dreams.

One thing to constantly remind oneself of is not to be discouraged by overly pretentious and flaunted aspirations that seem too out of reach, or not to feel utterly helpless when you’re still confused. As a young adult it’s important to grow and find yourself a place in this world – being confused comes as a natural part of that and it may take some individuals longer to find their aspirations than others.

Growing up, I’ve never quite grasped the idea of my future – it always feels like a far off daydream that isn’t real. The pressure to find something I desired always laying strong in the pit of my stomach. As I’ve reached an age where something like an ‘aspiration’ is so vital for me, I have learnt the importance of learning who I am first. The most important part of dreaming and having a goal is knowing who you are, knowing what you want and what you’re comfortable with.

Life is a vast spectrum which will throw an extensive range of experiences your way, and when dealing with hardships and the feeling of being unable to achieve what you want, it’s vital to power through and understand how these experiences shape both you and your aspirations. They temper those dream-like goals with a sense of reality, giving shape to your expectations and showing you through experience exactly what you can aspire to. Of course, nothing is out of reach, but giving what’s in your heart a tangible shape that helps you define reality will help you build an Armour to run through the winded path and fulfill your aspirations.

I’ve learnt that with my aspirations – career wise and in a very general fashion – what I want to do in my life involves a path that leads to a position that gives me power, and the ability to exercise my leadership skills. I’ve always loved the idea of planning out economic strategies for governments, and analyzing current situations in the global economic community. It’s a big part of my life and something I feel very strongly about, I’m passionate about such a difficult task because I’ve learnt to understand myself and my ability to analyze along with developing my problem solving skills. I’ve learnt a lot through others experiences with hardships and my own difficulties in the current society we live in, but they have only made me wiser and more determined.

Sometimes it feels hard and I’ll feel worthless like a sack of potatoes left to rot. As we’re so young and pressured, we often face the burden of being burnt out, and are troubled by how the aspirations we have float so far off shore you’re not sure anymore if it’s alright to keep floating to reach it, or to drown in the feeling of being burnt out. It can be difficult with such pressures that scare you – but it’s also just as important to remember how the ball will always roll and the marathon forever continues.

However, no matter how difficult the path of life may be, the ambition and pure relentless determination that runs through my veins gives me my utmost motivation. After all I’ve witnessed growing up, I’ll never be afraid to voice what I believe in. The thought of how my actions right now and in the future can change people’s lives for the better, giving them the life they deserve is enough to get me ready to face the harsh reality.

Although coming from me – someone who is privileged in the sense of the enriching support I receive and my personal innate will – I encourage those around me to aspire for what they truly believe in, as you’ll never know how you may change the world with your steps. Even if you don’t aspire to change the world, it’s still important to let yourself aspire to something that fulfills you. At the end of the day, you should always feel like you’ve chosen what’s best for yourself and what you’re comfortable with.

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