Conquering My Fear Of Water

I have always had a fear of water but in these summer vacations, my target is to defeat that fear that has been making me look like a laughing stock only because I cannot swim.

I have been going to Jacaranda club for swimming because I am done with myself being scared of water. It is not going to eat me up, is it? These are the questions I asked myself when I was young and was terribly afraid of water.
What if there are sea monsters inside? What will happen if I drown?

Now that I look back on the days when I used to say things like this, I laugh because now I am old enough to understand. I will not drown because there are many people in the pool and they can help me out, but if you are alone in the pool and you do not know how to swim that is probably a bad idea.

I went to the club and I met my coach but to be completely honest, I was so afraid that I almost cried and I was shivering. My first day was all about floating so I was trying to float but I could not because for floating I had to relax which I obviously could not. My coach kept on telling me to calm down and that she was right beside me but I had trust issues.

Moving on to the fun part, I made a new friend and her name was ‘Tamya’. On the second day, when I went swimming, I was not that scared and I could finally float! I was very proud of myself because my coach kept on saying ‘Well done’ and many nice things to me which made me pleased.

I met Tamya that day too and found out that she goes there everyday to learn how to swim like me. So Tamya and I went under water and waved at each other, finally conquering our fear.

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