What I Learnt From Ramadan

Ramadan is Allah’s favorite month. In this month we all make dua to Allah. I and my Mama decorated a corner in my room for Ramadan. This year I turned 7 in April so I set some goals for Ramadan.

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This Ramadan I tried to learn complete namaz. I offered namaz as much as possible with my papa in the mosque. I spared my toys for the needy, wrote a gratitude journal, learnt 4 names of Allah with meanings, did a fundraiser for charity, made a deeds scale, gave Ramadan goodies to my cousins and made lots of duas.

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The four names of Allah I have learned are “Ar-Razaq” The Provider, “Al-Wadood” The most loving, “Al-Ghaffar” The ever Forgiving and “Al-Wahab” The giver of gifts, The Bestower. We made a dua book from which I read duas after every prayer. I colored a leaf green for every prayer I offered in my prayer tree.

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I learned the prayer positions too. It was fun with a paper puppet. The positions I learned are Takbeer, Ruku, Qiyaam, Jalsa and Sajda. My mother hung a Ramadan deeds scale on my wall. My bad deeds were more in the start but then I tried to be good.

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I helped my mama in making iftar for some days. I had my own special table mat for iftar. Jaame Shirin was my favorite drink for iftar.

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In the last 10 days of Ramadan, I did a fundraiser for charity. My friend Umar helped me too. First we gave all kids flyers for the fundraising day. Then we decorated a trolly and sold lemonade, cupcakes and pancakes. My mama made all this. This money was collected for charity. I gave eidi to 5 kids in F10 markaz Islamabad from this money. From this activity my good deeds were heavy.

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In the end, I wrote my gratitude journal. I thanked Allah for everything. I will learn more things next Ramadan. I pray that Allah likes my work and all my duas come true.

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I have learned so many new things this Ramadan and I am excited to do more in the next (Insha Allah).


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