The Best Things About My School

I am Hamza Adnan from grade 1, section doughnut. I am going to tell you about the best things in my school.
A school is a place for us to learn and become a good and skillful human. There are so many things that I love about my school! Though the list is long but I will try to mention the most important ones.
My Classroom is the best place of my school with a beautiful book corner and a very comfortable environment. Sports are really important for our health and growth and I like my play area a lot where I exert during play time, sports day and open days.
My School has the best teachers who treat us like their own children, teach in a very polite manner and focus a lot on our personal and academic growth.
Roots Millennium Schools gave me best friends whom I play and enjoy with. My school also gives me the opportunity to learn through tablets and participate in competitions like the Spellathon and IKLC. There are regular Parent Teacher Meetings at school that I enjoy going to with my mother.
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