I Have Never Been More Frightened Than When..

I Have Never Been More Frightened Than When..

Every person has some freaky moments in their life but some stayed in their minds forever. The most frightening moment of my life was my own mistake.

At the night of Saturday, my family and some friends gather at my aunt’s house for a dinner party I and my family decided to arrive there at 9 O clock. But I was planning to arrive early so I can welcome my cousins with some horror stuff. I force my family to go early but they refuse so I planned to go there by myself. I sneak out of my room and went out of the house. The road was deserted. I forget to wear my jacket which makes me felt cold. I started to walk and then I have a strange feeling ‘did I remember which way to go? Just then I refused to go by myself and turn around to go back home. As I turned I saw two men wearing black masks and one of them trying to take out something from his pocket. I understand what they are trying to do. They are going to kidnap me .just then I started to shout for help and then I didn’t remember what happened.

I woke up and found myself lying on my bed and my family staring at me.t hen everybody first ask are you alright and then get angry but I was happy I was safe. I ever get frightened like that before and I promise to everybody not to go out like that again.

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