At The Zoo One Day

Do you love to visit a zoo? A zoo is a very important place for me since I was a child. For my
love of animals, I got a job at a zoo. One day a strange incident happened. Read on if you dare. 
At the Islamabad zoo, it was very cold in the month of December so it was not crowded at the
zoo. It was raining heavily for a week so the temperature dropped from 4 Celcius to minus 1 Celcius.
People were wearing tons of clothes since it was too cold. Everyone was shivering a lot. People
weren’t enjoying the condition of the weather.
After two weeks, the sun finally came out and there was bright sunshine. Since there were
winter vacations in Islamabad, there were many children coming with their parents. People had
all the essentials they needed, children were watching the animals in their cages. Toddlers
were at the petting zoo watching and making silly faces at the monkeys. It was a happy day at
the zoo.
The zoo has four people in the administration team of the zoo. I am a security guard at the zoo
so my duty is to sit outside the main gate of the zoo with my trusty pet dog, Max. My friend
Mr. Ali’s duty is to provide food to the animals in their cages. He usually provides food to
animals between 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm. Recently the mother rhino gave birth and the crowd was
excited to see a newborn baby rhino. In the news, I heard smuggling of animals is most
common from now onwards so I am extra alert on my duty by keeping everyone’s record
One day when Mr. Ali completed his task, I heard some noises, and I saw some people who
were behaving weirdly. My dog started howling so he led me to the rhino’s enclosure. When
we finally got there i saw the mother rhino was scratching at the door. The baby rhino
was missing. The cage lock was not properly tightened, that’s why the baby rhino busted the

door open with its tusks and got its way out of the cage. Then I rung the emergency bell
immediately and ran to inform the in charge of the zoo Mr. Usman. I told him that the rhino’s
lost incident happened. Then I suddenly heard gun shooting from the forest near the zoo.
Then I quickly ran with my dog to the forest, and I saw the thieves holding a gun and running.
We followed them in a way they can’t see me, and I saw the baby rhino traumatized on the
ground. The thieves were trying to smuggle him so I called the police immediately. When the
police arrived they arrested the thieves by putting handcuffs on them and sending them to jail.
Then I called Mr.Usman that I found the baby rhino traumatized and asked him to arrange
everything so he can be back in the zoo. Then the vet medicated the baby rhino and sent
him back to his cage . The mother rhino was pleased to see her baby back.
I learned that rhinos want to be free, they don’t like cages. They’ll escape if they get a chance.
So I discussed it with Mr. Usman and we both agreed we send them to their natural habitat
where they roam with freedom, so they can’t be stolen by thieves. The zoo was abandoned,
which made many people sad but it is beneficial for animals where they can live with freedom
and happiness.

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